Make-up Discovery

I recently visited my favorite make-up counter, MAC that also employs some of the best make-up artists I know for a little how-to session! I have never been able to do a smoky eye but I wanted to learn how since I was wearing a black and grey outfit for New Years Eve. Although I am not going to explain how to do a smoky eye (I’ll leave that to the pros at MAC) I do want to point out a couple things I learned. First use a primer when applying eye-shadow. Just like we prime a wall before we paint it we need to prime the skin to make sure the application last. And trust me it will make your pretty eye-shadow last all night! My friend, Lindsay Accord, who is also one of my favorite make-up artists, has always highly recommended primer so I probably should have listened the first time. The second thing I learned was instead of using a pencil for eye-liner use shadow. HMMM??? I know! I was hesitant at first but very pleased with the results. They explained to me that with the pencil you have a starting and ending point so the line you make is usually very distinct. With the shadow you definitely have a more natural look. So I am sure you are wondering how to apply. It’s all about the brush. Honestly you can take any shadow color but I would recommend buying this brush from MAC or one similar. Brushes at MAC and really in general aren’t cheap but I know the ones at MAC are made well so they’ll last! I’ll go ahead and say in this Blog, which will more than likely be pointed out over and over, that I am quality over quantity any day!! Also, they said the shadow won’t smear like most eye-liners do. So to sum it up use a primer before applying eye make-up and use eye-shadow for eye-liner!

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