The Plan

So the plan for this blog is to share my ideas of clothes and how they can be easy, fun, simple, comfortable and affordable for any woman. She doesn't know it yet but I may be talking a little about my 60 yr old mother and her fashion! Lets just say I am proud of her and often look at her and say "well done Mommasita!" Anyway, I can't promise daily post so my goal is 2-3 a week. I plan to post pictures of outfits that are put together and talk about simple pieces I use in my closet to put them together. I'll talk about the places I shop, must-have pieces and I may even sometimes feature a random person! I often see ladies in public who have "it" and I love to point it out to them! (I am not afraid to compliment or talk to a stranger:) I hope you enjoy my blog but I also hope you can use the ideas in your own life! -jen

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